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Willi Birk proved his great flair with the choice of Zeppelin and Junkers brands due to the fact that customers then and now are interested in quality, sustainability and in distinctive, timeless design. The two pioneers Graf Zeppelin and Professor Junkers were involved in aviation from its very beginning in Germany. Our watches successfully implement the characteristics of aviation – excellent engineering, reliability and distinctive design. The popular Bauhaus series come perfectly in-line with the assortment. The Bauhaus movement can be seen as a significant part of the transition from industrialization to modernity in the history of art, culture and architecture. Bauhaus' artists - or masters, as they called themselves, worked closely with engineers from Junkers manufacturing and a fruitful symbiosis was build. All components for the watches are made by special manufacturers, they come from prestigious manufacturers in Switzerland (e.g. ETA, Ronda, ...), as well as a well-known producer in Japan (Miyota). The final assembly of the watches is done according to the rules of German traditional watchmaking. Each Junkers and Zeppelin watch is a quality product "Made in Germany".

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